“Magnificent experience. I don’t know what other words I can use. Utterly brilliant. I was struggling and was in a bad place when I first started working with Michelle. The whole experience of talking to someone was cathartic. She was non-judgemental and listened to me. It was everything to know that there is someone out there in the world that can listen. It really has done a lot for me. She was a natural.
It’s very difficult to describe in words the impact she has had. 100% happy with the service. Please carry on doing it.” – M

“The turnaround from the first contact to starting with my counsellor was very swift. It happened promptly.
The matching of me to my counsellor was very good. Michelle is brilliant and lovely. She was easy to talk to and she listens well. It felt very relaxed and easy. I was able to say what I needed to say without pressure and fear. The experience was very constructive very helpful. I feel she is a very good counsellor and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her. I knew from the first session we would get on and that she was very open and a very good listener.” – B

“I found the service very good. It was a quick turnaround from the start to being called by my counsellor. When I had my initial assessment Rachel gave a description of grief and what life might look like post grief (Tonkin’s model.) I found this very helpful and it really made sense. My counsellor, Sophie, was lovely and we were well matched. Prior to my counselling sessions, my grief felt paralysing and dark. I know these sessions have helped me because I don’t feel that way anymore. The counsellor shared a little with me too and this made me feel like it was a more personal service. This was a wonderful service.” – L

“It was lovely to have someone get back to me so quickly. Previously when I have tried to get help the wait is very long. This was fast and great. Mark was really down to earth and could relate to me.” – D

“I found the process really quick and straightforward. I was matched really well with my counsellor. I found the process really positive, i felt safe and my counsellor was easy to speak to. She was very supportive and helpful. I think the Corona Voice Project is a great service during the pandemic.” – Z

“I got a counsellor really quickly which was good because I really needed the support when I reached out. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had to wait for months like I expected to. I was really happy with my counsellor, Michelle. She helped me a lot and I got on with her well. I found I looked forwards to my session each week and they were a great comfort. A wonderful service. Thank you.” – L

“I thought Bea was amazing. Loved her. She was exactly what I needed at that time. She helped me to see those things I couldn’t and gave me eureka moments. I can’t be more positive about my experience! She guided me through things and we worked together to figure out what was right for me.” – B

“I found the time between the initial referral and starting with my counsellor very quick. Very good. Mike has been very good and I am glad that there is a further option to continue the sessions. I wouldn’t change a thing. Very good service.” – J

“I found the service really good and very quick. I’ve previously waited over 5 weeks for someone to get back to me so this was absolutely fantastic 10/10. The counsellor I was matched to suited me perfectly and was gently down to earth. She was perfect for me; she gave me time to talk and really let it be my time. She wasn’t patronising which was a relief and I felt comforted. She had compassion and helped me to recognise the good parts of me, not by telling me, but by supporting me to explore things. Certain things we discussed changed my outlook on how i can move forwards and grow into the me I want to be. She was just really amazing.” – M

“I found my sessions to be really good and very helpful. Michelle is easy to talk to and I got a lot out of it. I’ve never had counselling before and know that sometimes it doesn’t work if people don’t click but I was matched really well. She was lovely. The turnaround from my initial enquiry to having a session with my counsellor was very fast! Really good and efficient.” – S

“I have really appreciated having access to counselling during this time. It has been very valuable. I found the turnaround quick and very responsive. My counsellor – Mike – has been very good. He’s great at summarising the content of what I’ve said and reflecting it back to me, and this has helped me to some useful insights and realisations over the course of our sessions.” – K

“Super service. Very helpful. Rachel was an amazing counsellor. I am very thankful for these sessions. They helped me a lot and I would have struggled without the Corona Voice Project. They were there when I needed them most.” – I

“I found the service very quick and helpful. The lady was really good, and she certainly deserves a pat on the back. Through our conversations, she helped me to see things better and helped me to answer questions I hadn’t been able to alone. She gave me the chance to reflect, and I thought it was what I needed at the right time.” – G

“My sessions have been brilliant; both useful and helpful. Michelle is a great listener who was understanding and non-judgemental. She was easy to talk to and very kind. The process of going through the project to get help felt quick and seamless. I can’t praise her or the Corona Voice Project enough.” – B

“It had been a great experience and I can’t thank you enough for being there. I had resigned myself to waiting 2 years for help and just having to accept that this is how it would be.
It was nice to talk to someone that not only listened but engaged with me. I felt relaxed and accepted. Michelle was great and showed understanding and care. Thank you for being there and please don’t stop doing what you are doing.” – R

“I found Rachel amazing and perfect for my needs at the time. She didn’t talk too much, but enough for me to not feel alone. Our sessions helped me not to feel so lonely. The service was just right for me and met my needs perfectly. I really valued the chat/sessions with Rachel and if I need to come back to service I definitely will. Thank you for the support I received from Rachel.” – S

“I have found Pegasus to not only be amazing support but also having someone there who can understand my problem and reassure me in my troubles has been an amazing help. I think people are often skeptical about services such as these but Michelle has been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout and I would recommend this service to anyone.” – B

“He was very good, and I found him very helpful. I was really pleased with the support he gave me.” – E

“She listened. She didn’t judge me.”

– L


“I can’t show emotions – I’ve heard this time and time again throughout my life. So when I did feel like crying or I couldn’t cope, I’d kick myself for being weak. Working with Rachel made me realise it’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t make me any less of a man to have and show emotions.”

– B


“I felt accepted for me. I didn’t have to pretend, and I didn’t realise how much that pretending was weighing on me.”

– J


“Beata has an innate skill to understand and empathise, to know when to listen but also when to challenge well-established patterns of thinking or behaviour – and also to reflect back to the client, in an objective way, what they may be unconsciously projecting, in such a way as to guide, empower and encourage the client out of the cycle of behaviour they may unknowingly be locked into. This is a skill that is not so much learned, but is instead the product of her years of client counselling experience.”

– S


“Beata’s core drive in her life is not only professional… it is a personal passion: to help people and make their lives better.”

– L


“Beata believes from her heart that men who suffer any condition with their physical, mental or emotional health or wellbeing should experience no obstacles or barriers to their access to the highest standard of professional support and counseling.”

– J

All client’s names and full initials are reduced down to their first initial to ensure their confidentiality. Full initials and full names are only stated next to feedback at the client’s specific request.