About Us

Beata Webb – Founder & Managing Director

Therapeutic Counselling is at the heart of everything Beata does. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC, based in Camborne, Cornwall.

She is a qualified therapeutic counsellor and an NLP practioner who works in a pluralistic way. This means her sessions are tailored to what approach suits the client best. She has 10 years experience specialising in providing support and counselling for men suffering emotional and psychological distress. This can be work-related stress and burn-out, abuse, domestic abuse, through to domestic violence, addiction and mental health crisis.
Her specialist area is domestic violence and childhood trauma. She is passionate about helping men to find their identity.

Rachel Ratcliffe – Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel worked for the police for 5 years dealing with emergency situations, domestic violence, assaults, abuse, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma, before moving to Cornwall. Since then she has worked within senior management positions and Human Resources. She loves leading and supporting her colleagues in the volunteer team and helping them to remain safe and confident to grow. She is dedicated and passionate about making a difference, and is a qualified therapeutic counsellor.
Her specialist area is childhood trauma and PTSD.

Michelle Brown – Director & Public Relations Manager

Michelle has worked and studied within the Health and Social Care industry for several years. Previous to this she worked as a manager running a very successful spa with various therapies for twelve years. Finding her calling in the support and care of others, Michelle now focuses her energies on working within the mental health field, and is dedicated and passionate in everything she does. She uses her tenacity to build bridges within the sector and to strengthen the Pegasus public relations. She is in her final year of professional qualification as a counsellor.

Volunteer Team

We have a growing team of volunteers who help support clients and provide professional counselling. Each volunteer is a trainee counsellor, either on their last or second to last year of professional qualifications. We have both male and female counsellors from all areas across Cornwall and with varying areas of interest. We are so grateful to every one of our wonderful team that give so much to support our community.

The Pegasus Commitment

We are deeply committed to men’s emotional health and well-being and are working towards zero male suicides across Devon and Cornwall.
Through our crisis prevention management, we are working to reduce the strain on the front line services such as the NHS, Police.
Beata has been developing her skills and experience in this field since she started her counselling studies in 2010 and specialises in working with men.

We offer a warm, non-judgmental, compassionate approach to each individual. Our team have worked on a wide range of psychological, mental and physical issues. They are able to draw on their experience, skills and integrity to provide a secure and supportive space for personal change and growth.

Whether it is sign posting to the correct healthcare authority or providing long-term counselling, each person’s case is considered on an individual basis following an initial discussion.


Beata has experience in a wide range of therapeutic techniques and is happy to talk through various methods to ensure the person is comfortable with the entire process.

The primary mode of counselling used is the Person-Centred approach and all trainee counsellors work within this mode. We provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore the issues causing you tension, anxiety or distress. It is this therapeutic relationship that facilitates your growth and your change.

We offer:

Standard talking therapies.

Walk and Talk therapy (Only available with specific team members.)

Art Therapy.

Card Work Therapy.

Creative Writing Therapy.