Our Story

In Greek mythology, Pegasus was an immortal winged horse who sprang forth from his mother’s neck as she was slain. Pegasus was said to be a good-hearted, gentle creature that was always happy to help.

Just like its namesake, Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC came into being because of pain and suffering; From the love of a wife for her husband and the love of a daughter for her father.

Beata Webb, the founder of Pegasus Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC, grew up witnessing her parents grow steadily further apart. Her father, a proud and loving man, turned to drink to escape his loveless marriage. Throughout Beata’s life, her father inspired and empowered her. He supported and loved her.

He was a kind soul that slowly withered; like a beautiful flower that bloomed in the sun’s warmth, yet shrivelled and died without it.

Gender socialisation played a large part in stopping her father from asking for help. The expectation that men don’t cry. Men must be strong and carry on. That they don’t get emotional.

I wonder how many people reading this have thought or heard the same thing?

Later, once Beata had qualified as a counsellor, she experienced yet more helplessness when her husband attempted to reach out for help through his GP.
He was suffering from stress and work-related burnout. He found himself getting very tired, his mind “fuzzy” and got easily overwhelmed by situations.

Beata encouraged and motivated him but acknowledged more support was required.
His GP arranged two over-the-phone assessments and decided he didn’t warrant more. Being unwell, having no appetite, and no energy, it was clear more help was required. Because his condition was not seen as long term, didn’t have a recognised “label”, he was effectively shown the door.

This was the inspiration for Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC: a provision of easily-accessed support & counselling where the criteria to qualify for is not the “label” of your condition – but simply that you are a man who is suffering.
A man can be less likely to engage in the self-healing behaviours of discussing their situation openly with their peers, where women readily will & do.
This defined the key area of therapy provision which Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC is set up to address.

Pegasus was born in Cornwall, UK, and now it flies to provide services in Devon and London.