Aquila Project

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown have given us many new lessons about our community members and your needs. The restrictions and rules in place due to the pandemic have caused many mental health organisations to reduce or stop their services. We recognise that the need for mental health support has risen sharply and this is when we are needed most. We at Pegasus are proud of our proactive forward thinking team, and are pleased to be able to continue to support you during this difficult period.

With less services available and increasing help needed, we have chosen to open the Aquila project to support you.

Our organisation normally works solely with men.

However …

This project is focused on supporting women (and those who identify as female) who are victims or have suffered trauma. We recognise that most people who suffer trauma in childhood continue to be plagued by it throughout their life. In fact 74% of our entire client base has suffered a form of trauma within their childhood that has impacted their ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and or many other mental health concerns.

These experiences are typically called ACE’s by professionals.
A = Adverse
C = Childhood
E = Experiences

ACE’s impact your ability to manage day to day stressors. Add a pandemic into the mix and you have a very challenging time ahead. You may feel alone right now, like no one cares or can help…

We are here for you.

The Pegasus Team will work to support you and other individuals in need of emotional and psychological support.

We have many different types of therapy available with a large team varying in ability and complexity work.
Our team consists of trainee and qualified counsellors.
Our main modality is the person centred approach however we have qualified NLP, CBT, REWIND, PSYCHODYNAMIC, INTEGRATIVE, and TRAUMA SPECIALIST therapist too.

We have several Childhood trauma & childhood abuse specialists who work with clients from all ages and backgrounds.

We are here for you.

You are not alone.

This is a professional and confidential service.

We will provide 6 FREE sessions to support you and there are options to continue on after on a donation per session basis.

If you would like to take up our offer, please email:

Please put – AQUILA PROJECT – in the subject box and your request to use the service in the main body of the email.

OR call: 07817 261494 OR 01209 205785 and leave a message.

Once your application has been processed, you will be placed on our client list to be contacted by the next available counsellor.

Every enquiry is answered within 5 working days. We will contact you to understand your availability, best method of contact and then your case will be given to a member of our team to start your sessions.

If you know of someone this project might help, please pass our information on.

We will get through this.


You are not alone.

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