We offer a wide range of techniques, treatments, and processes to improve your mental health. Please contact us for a direct and confidential conversation to see how we can help with your mental health problem.

Each person is different so whether it is counselling, befriending, ‘walking-talking’ therapy, couples therapy or group therapy, we will choose the most effective method for you.

Is Pegasus for you?

If you…

  • feel stuck in life
  • find yourself confused about how to meet your partner’s needs
  • are frustrated and say things that are hurtful to others
  • feel alone and tired of suffering in silence
  • are stressed because work has overtaken your life
  • are irritable, angry and negative

… then Pegasus can help you.

Recent cases we have helped with


Corona Voice Project

We are now offering FREE help and support to people suffering from COVID-19 related emotional and psychological distress during this crisis.




Work burnout

Vicarious trauma


Cabin fever


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