“I got Covid and my father died from it a few months ago. I have nothing but positives to say about Pegasus and how extremely compassionate Kye was as a counsellor. I was very well matched. Kye listened so well and was very understanding. He was everything I would expect in a counsellor. I stopped at 5 sessions as I became unwell due to Covid but I could of carried on with Kye as it was so good. Thank you for what you have given me.” – M

“I was really pleased with my counsellor Linda. I felt I could talk freely and openly and it gave me a chance to vent to someone that wasn’t my family or friends. It helped me massively.” – C

“I was so impressed with how quick we got sessions sorted out. Rhys was so lovely, very very good, easy to open up too and I felt extremely relaxed with him. I was able to talk about everything I wanted and explore more along the way. Rhys was amazing. I felt totally in good professional hands. Thank you, Pegasus, and Thank you Rhys.” – J

“It was a quick turnaround after I contacted Pegasus. I felt extremely well matched with Sally and thought she was so understanding a very good listener. I felt safe in her hands. At session five it was all put to bed but on session 6 things started to materialise again, but Sally made sure it was ended safe and I was okay. I was able to talk about everything I needed to and explored everything possible.” – A

“I got a very quick response from Pegasus. I felt I was extremely well matched with Rachel as my counsellor. She was so lovely, easy to talk to, and I could open up and explore all that I needed to. I wouldn’t have got through without her. I felt in good safe hands. Thank you Rachel you were amazing.” – C

“Rachel was sent to me at just the right time, She was the icing on the cake, a quick turn around and so eased me back into sessions. Rach was stunning, she challenged me which I needed as I was stuck, She gave me things to work on each week”. Tell Rach I am now doing meditation once a week for half an hour and I fall asleep I am so relaxed and zoned out. I walk my dog more and I am doing a lot more self care. I can not thank Rachel enough, Pegasus is a life line and has literally saved my life, thank you to all you do for people like myself.” – G

“Jan was a counsellor that knew what she was talking about, very reassuring, and a good listener. She made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. I would say I was matched extremely well with my counsellor and that I was able to explore everything even the hard stuff.” – J

“I was in crisis when I called Pegasus. The turnaround for counselling was so quick and simple. I felt in good hands. Bea was amazing and guided me through my couples counselling with my husband. I felt so safe and listened too. I worked with Rachel in my private sessions. She was also very good and helpful. I felt that both counsellors were extremely professional and have helped me massively in so many ways.
I was able to explore and visit things that were difficult because I knew I was in good hands. Thank you.” – D

“Jan was really lovely. She was really patient and listened really well. I have arranged for Jan to contact me again for more sessions face to face at the Pool offices, as I found the four sessions I had so helpful that I wanted to carry on with my healing. Pegasus was extremely quick with getting in touch and setting up sessions and I feel Jan was very suited to me, so thank you very much.” – K

“Thank you for the opportunity and how quick Pegasus responded and how nice Dave was.” – S

“I found the turnaround from when I got referred until when I started with my counsellor very quick. I didn’t expect it to be that fast. I was matched really well, and Michelle was very good. Couldn’t fault her at all. I can’t praise her enough. She helped me quite a lot and I don’t have anything negative about the experience. It was perfect and exactly what I needed.” – K

“I found my counsellor to be very good and the time was useful. I think we were well matched. I think she did an excellent job. I didn’t think it was helpful at the beginning, but I actually got a few things resolved. It was very useful and helpful in the end. Thank you and thank you Pegasus.” – R

“The quick turnaround between when referred and when I was seen gave me hope. The experience was quite a saving grace and important for me at the time. I looked forwards to it as it was always helpful. It was the right thing for me at the time. My counsellor was well matched to me. She was very understanding and open, and I found her to be kind and understanding. She asked the right questions to help me and I have no negative or constructive feedback. Thank you to my counsellor and I am doing alright now.” – T

“The turnaround was quick. It was only a couple of weeks and I was doing my first session, I was really impressed. Rachel managed to retrieve stuff that was buried deep within and I found she did it so well and at my own pace. I would say Rachel would be a perfect match for anyone, she was most certainly perfect for me. I would say 150% I spoke about all that I needed too, and more, as Rachel was so patient and so professional. I feel we were matched very well. Rachel has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her and Pegasus enough.” – S

“I found Gemma to be extremely natural and easy to talk too, she listened well, and I found I could talk openly and freely to her. In different circumstances I could easily be her friend. I found Gemma to be the perfect match for me, I would of liked more sessions with her but I may come back in the future.” – L

“The turnaround from when I was first referred was very quick and certainly faster than I expected. The lady who counselled me was great. She was lovely and brilliant for my needs. I only had a couple of sessions as I also have help and support from my family, but I couldn’t have asked for better. It was perfect. Thank you.” – C

“Tracey was really lovely and really easy to talk too. I would very much like to carry on if possible after I have moved to my new house and got settled. I will be back in touch with Pegasus when I can. I feel the sessions were extremely beneficial.” – S

“I found Sophie really nice; very friendly. The sessions helped a lot as I have had counselling before, and it was too structured. I found it different with Sophie and was really relaxed. I found it easier to bond with her. It is nice to know that I could have the option of coming back for sessions again in the future if I needed too.” – S

“Earlier this year I found myself contemplating suicide and the planning had developed into the advanced stages when Michelle-Pegasus entered my orbit. I was in a very gloomy place in my head and Michelle took the time, trouble, and patience to listen to what I had to say and was very supportive without judging me in any way. It took some time, but with the incredible help Michelle effortlessly afforded me, I started to feel much better about myself and happier about the person who I was. In what seemed to be a relatively short period of time, Michelle turned my thinking around to the point where every day has become a great opportunity and my whole outlook on life changed completely!

In short, Michelle has given me my life back to enjoy once more with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I don’t know how she did
what she did, but she did it nevertheless! At the age of 57 and an ex-forces veteran, I have met many and varied people over the course of
my lifetime and very, very few have had such a profound effect on me as Michelle. If ever there was someone born to do what Michelle does, it is her.” – M

“It was hard for me to open up at first but once I got there it was brilliant. The person that helped me, Bea, is an amazing girl. She truly is the best and I have so much time for her. Bea took the time not just to listen to me but give me some tools and techniques that have helped me look at things differently. I could not have done it without her. I can’t thank Bea enough. You lot are amazing what you do, so thank you very much.” – M

“It was good to have the opportunity to talk, so thank you Pegasus.” – N

“Jan was lovely. I wanted to say thank you to Jan and Pegasus for getting in touch so quickly.” – A

“Kye was a nice guy and thank you Pegasus for my counselling.” – D

“Hello to Jan and thank you for being amasing a good listener. I talked and got out what I was holding, so thank you for the opportunity and quick response back.” – M

“The counselling went really well, I felt that Mark was a really good listener and seemed to get me very early on, I felt he was extremely understanding to my situation and just got how I was feeling. I kept missing appointments towards the end, so felt it was only fair that I let someone else have some time, as I feel I have now got to a point where I don’t need counselling. I feel really excited and have come a long way. I wanted to thank Pegasus for the amazing opportunity.” – H

“I feel that without counselling I wouldn’t of moved forward at all. Bea was really good and listened so well, I thought there would be a language barrier but it turned out that we had a good relationship towards the end. The walking therapy was good and just what Ii needed. Bea was so good, very easy to talk too and she listened so well. Thank you Bea for helping me understand my grief.” – P

“Sophie was nice, very patient and listened to me. I felt that 6 was enough for me and that it is good I can contact Pegasus in the future if I need too.” – L

“Lee was lovely so easy to talk too, I could have opened up more to him, but the issue was me and so much going on in my life at present. I am about to go into detox and want to put all my focus on this. Once I am in a place for therapy, Lee and Pegasus is exactly where I will go. Thank you for being patient and understanding.” – C

“Rachel was lovely, we clicked and really supported me, made me feel listened too and she was brilliant, very easy to talk and open-up to. It is good to know that I can come back if needed in the future. Thank you, Rachel” – M

“Lee was very helpful, he was so lovely and had a nice kind way to him. I felt comfortable with him, I want to say I am very grateful to Pegasus for my quick counselling, as I am still on a waiting list for Waves, but you guys were straight away, the four sessions I had I got a lot out of them. Thank you Pegasus.” – K

“What can I say – Rachel was just what I needed. I have had a lot go on in the past and counselling is what I needed, but I needed someone real, like blunt and honest and real, I got this with Rachel. She was amazing, brilliant, so I thank you so much. Six sessions were no where near enough but Rachel explained everything to me and she was great. Thank you to Rachel.” – E

“Rachel was very good, helpful and so patient, she had such a gentle voice. I felt safe and comfortable with her. It feels good to know I can get back in touch with Pegasus in the future to work on deeper stuff, thank you Rachel for being so patient with me.” – G

“My counsellor was brilliant, so supportive and non-judgemental, just what I needed. I felt listened too, my sessions were like a safety blanket as Rachel was so good. I have left her a donation to say thank you for being so supportive. We left it that Rachel would contact me in a few months so see where I was at, this felt so nice and very appreciated. Thank you Rachel for all you did.” – L

“This experience was brilliant. I’ve had counselling before and it was awful. But this was really good and gave me confidence.
My counsellor helped me to look at issues in a different way. I’ve previously experienced CBT but it didn’t work for me. The person-centred approach really worked for me.

When I talked about issues my counsellor was really gentle in her approach and didn’t force me to look at things or direct me. We formed useful tools and solutions came from our conversations. Michelle helped me to look at how and why I might felt the way I did.
I would refer others to this service because I thought it was great.

The only thing I felt may have been a concern was that she told me small snippets of details about her life that helped me to see her as more human, as a person I could trust. I worried because I was expecting the old style of therapy where the counsellor is the expert and must never share anything or be seen as anything other than perfect.
Her showing me she was human and that she didn’t expect to be perfect or for me to be perfect helped me to feel strong enough to cope with my worries and overcome them. Unlike other places where you have your sessions and then you are dumped, I felt the ending was dealt with kindly and professionally and only if and when I was ready.

She was flexible around fitting in appointments as I work full time. I also really liked that you offered telephone counselling as I’d never have been able to work face to face to start.
Michelle is the best counsellor I’ve ever had! She cares; you can tell by her tone.
The only thing I would change about the service is to ensure it doesn’t stop.

I really genuinely think she saved my life.
Thank you.” – K

“I didn’t have to wait long at all. Thought it would take longer to get help. I’m not someone who normally talks to people, but I found it easy to talk to my counsellor and she was very pleasant. I had a stroke and so sometimes it takes me a while to get to the point, but she was patient and didn’t rush me. I felt well matched to my counsellor. Thank you” – B

“Pegasus really helped, Lee was brilliant, it definitely helped me to move forward. Thank you, Lee.” – L

“Pegasus was very good, was so nice to talk and have someone listen. Linda was very good indeed; I could really talk to her. I looked forward to our sessions so thank you very much.” – M

“Rachel was lovely, truly lovely, she helped me so much. She gave me a lot of pointers to help me and they worked, she was excellent. Wish I didn’t have to leave but I know I can come back in the future, but I would only have Rachel as she’s super. Thank you so much xx” – L

“The sessions were really really beneficial, couldn’t have asked for a lot more, to be honest. Went in feeling like shit and now I am so upbeat. Rach was so easy to talk too, sometimes the call would crash but she was awesome. Thank you, Rachel and Pegasus. Thank you all.” – R

“Sessions went well, needed someone out of my circle. Linda was really nice and she just listened to me more anything. Thank you Pegasus I will 100 % recommend you.” – R

“Absolutely fantastic, she was amazing, thank you so much you are a star. I feel great.” – M

“I really am so grateful for my time with Rachel, she is amazing in so many ways, she truly helped with sorting out my thoughts with past and immediate issues. Rach was so great, and it helps to know if I need her in the future I can come back. I feel at present I am able to move forward with thanks to Rachel.” – J

“Rachel was extremely approachable and friendly, she made the counselling so easy and helpful. I really benefited from my sessions, I will be messaging Rachel on Thursday to discuss moving forward. Thank you so much.” – V

“I really wanted to say a huge heartfelt Thankyou for the help of this incredible organisation. Knowing how ‘Pegasus’ has helped me personally over the last few months, I have absolutely no doubt that this service has & will continue to support & help so many more in their journey over time.

“It is never easy to reach out & ask for help, but with a service as welcoming as Pegasus, it honestly makes you feel so valued as a person, it truly makes all the difference. I did feel guilty asking for help; I always think there are others who need & deserve the help more, but I can honestly say reaching out, has been a real positive of 2020 & I am so glad I took the steps forward to having the counselling sessions, absolutely zero regrets.
Michelle was an absolute pleasure to work with & I am forever grateful for her time, patience & incredible nature. Never at any point did the sessions feel forced or un-comfortable & always entirely professional. With this it enabled me to open up & explore areas I was aware I needed to work on, but also enabled Michelle as the counsellor & from another perspective to then identify & understand other key areas which potentially needed to be discussed or focused on further, throughout our weekly sessions.

“I was really grateful for the continuity of having the same counsellor & being able to speak with Michelle on a regular weekly basis. Her schedule & timing was always so punctual & this was really appreciated. I found Michelle to be extremely approachable & this meant I could really do some ‘homework’ in between sessions, but not be afraid to re-visit difficult topics or ask for more help if I felt I was struggling. The whole experience has had a really positive impact already & I feel like my mental health is not lagging as far behind my physical health as it was. I sort of believe in life we are a continued work in progress; the personal development is never really done & I know I still have work to do, I won’t stop here!

“I feel like the sessions have given me some direction, a clearer mindset, some helpful tools & even some strength to now be able to continue with this work in my own time. Prior to these sessions, I really felt overwhelmed by so much & even a little lost at where to start, but already I have noticed the positive change. I want to say Thankyou to Michelle from the bottom of my heart for every minute of her time & support when I needed it the most, none of which was ever taken for granted & honestly really has made the world of difference. She is an incredible counsellor & I wish her all the luck for her continued training & future roles. I have no doubt she will thrive in her career as well as go far in helping so many others to be the best versions of themselves. I truly am forever grateful.” – C

“Rachel really helped me and even left the door open for the future which is so reassuring and you don’t find that in any other counselling. I couldn’t say anything other than I got so much from my sessions and time with her. Please keep doing what you’re doing, Rachel.” – A

“I found Rachel was a lovely lady and easy to talk to. The sessions were so helpful and I decided to take a 6 week break but the door is open if I need help. I feel I have more to work through and if needed, I’ll come back after the 6 week break, Rachel was amazing. Thank you.” – A

“Jo was very good to talk to. I found her extremely beneficial. I felt I’d had enough sessions and Jo was very understanding and patient. Thank you to Jo. Thank you very much and thank you Pegasus.” – M

“I thought it would take months of sessions but after my second session with Rachel I felt like I was walking around lighter. It was an incredible feeling to click with someone so quickly. I felt Rachel was extremely professional and listened so well. North Cornwall doesn’t have a lot of support but Pegasus reached us and I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you, Rachel, for keeping the door open if I need it that in itself is empowering.” – G

“I was so grateful for the sessions and I’m doing extremely well, thank you to lovely Jo who was amazing and really helped me. It is such a comfort to know I can always come back to Pegasus if needed. Thank you so much.” – E

“Rachel was very good, she helped me so much, I could of kept going but wanted to do face to face at some point. Can you please pass on how much Rachel helped me. There is nothing I could say that was negative, thank you so much to her.” – D

“Magnificent experience. I don’t know what other words I can use. Utterly brilliant. I was struggling and was in a bad place when I first started working with Michelle. The whole experience of talking to someone was cathartic. She was non-judgemental and listened to me. It was everything to know that there is someone out there in the world that can listen. It really has done a lot for me. She was a natural.
It’s very difficult to describe in words the impact she has had. 100% happy with the service. Please carry on doing it.” – M

“The turnaround from the first contact to starting with my counsellor was very swift. It happened promptly.
The matching of me to my counsellor was very good. Michelle is brilliant and lovely. She was easy to talk to and she listens well. It felt very relaxed and easy. I was able to say what I needed to say without pressure and fear. The experience was very constructive very helpful. I feel she is a very good counsellor and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her. I knew from the first session we would get on and that she was very open and a very good listener.” – B

“I found the service very good. It was a quick turnaround from the start to being called by my counsellor. When I had my initial assessment Rachel gave a description of grief and what life might look like post grief (Tonkin’s model.) I found this very helpful and it really made sense. My counsellor, Sophie, was lovely and we were well matched. Prior to my counselling sessions, my grief felt paralysing and dark. I know these sessions have helped me because I don’t feel that way anymore. The counsellor shared a little with me too and this made me feel like it was a more personal service. This was a wonderful service.” – L

“It was lovely to have someone get back to me so quickly. Previously when I have tried to get help the wait is very long. This was fast and great. Mark was really down to earth and could relate to me.” – D

“I found the process really quick and straightforward. I was matched really well with my counsellor. I found the process really positive, i felt safe and my counsellor was easy to speak to. She was very supportive and helpful. I think the Corona Voice Project is a great service during the pandemic.” – Z

“I got a counsellor really quickly which was good because I really needed the support when I reached out. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had to wait for months like I expected to. I was really happy with my counsellor, Michelle. She helped me a lot and I got on with her well. I found I looked forwards to my session each week and they were a great comfort. A wonderful service. Thank you.” – L

“I thought Bea was amazing. Loved her. She was exactly what I needed at that time. She helped me to see those things I couldn’t and gave me eureka moments. I can’t be more positive about my experience! She guided me through things and we worked together to figure out what was right for me.” – B

“I found the time between the initial referral and starting with my counsellor very quick. Very good. Mike has been very good and I am glad that there is a further option to continue the sessions. I wouldn’t change a thing. Very good service.” – J

“I found the service really good and very quick. I’ve previously waited over 5 weeks for someone to get back to me so this was absolutely fantastic 10/10. The counsellor I was matched to suited me perfectly and was gently down to earth. She was perfect for me; she gave me time to talk and really let it be my time. She wasn’t patronising which was a relief and I felt comforted. She had compassion and helped me to recognise the good parts of me, not by telling me, but by supporting me to explore things. Certain things we discussed changed my outlook on how i can move forwards and grow into the me I want to be. She was just really amazing.” – M

“I found my sessions to be really good and very helpful. Michelle is easy to talk to and I got a lot out of it. I’ve never had counselling before and know that sometimes it doesn’t work if people don’t click but I was matched really well. She was lovely. The turnaround from my initial enquiry to having a session with my counsellor was very fast! Really good and efficient.” – S

“I have really appreciated having access to counselling during this time. It has been very valuable. I found the turnaround quick and very responsive. My counsellor – Mike – has been very good. He’s great at summarising the content of what I’ve said and reflecting it back to me, and this has helped me to some useful insights and realisations over the course of our sessions.” – K

“Super service. Very helpful. Rachel was an amazing counsellor. I am very thankful for these sessions. They helped me a lot and I would have struggled without the Corona Voice Project. They were there when I needed them most.” – I

“I found the service very quick and helpful. The lady was really good, and she certainly deserves a pat on the back. Through our conversations, she helped me to see things better and helped me to answer questions I hadn’t been able to alone. She gave me the chance to reflect, and I thought it was what I needed at the right time.” – G

“My sessions have been brilliant; both useful and helpful. Michelle is a great listener who was understanding and non-judgemental. She was easy to talk to and very kind. The process of going through the project to get help felt quick and seamless. I can’t praise her or the Corona Voice Project enough.” – B

“It had been a great experience and I can’t thank you enough for being there. I had resigned myself to waiting 2 years for help and just having to accept that this is how it would be.
It was nice to talk to someone that not only listened but engaged with me. I felt relaxed and accepted. Michelle was great and showed understanding and care. Thank you for being there and please don’t stop doing what you are doing.” – R

“I found Rachel amazing and perfect for my needs at the time. She didn’t talk too much, but enough for me to not feel alone. Our sessions helped me not to feel so lonely. The service was just right for me and met my needs perfectly. I really valued the chat/sessions with Rachel and if I need to come back to service I definitely will. Thank you for the support I received from Rachel.” – S

“I have found Pegasus to not only be amazing support but also having someone there who can understand my problem and reassure me in my troubles has been an amazing help. I think people are often skeptical about services such as these but Michelle has been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout and I would recommend this service to anyone.” – B

“He was very good, and I found him very helpful. I was really pleased with the support he gave me.” – E

“She listened. She didn’t judge me.”

– L


“I can’t show emotions – I’ve heard this time and time again throughout my life. So when I did feel like crying or I couldn’t cope, I’d kick myself for being weak. Working with Rachel made me realise it’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t make me any less of a man to have and show emotions.”

– B


“I felt accepted for me. I didn’t have to pretend, and I didn’t realise how much that pretending was weighing on me.”

– J


“Beata has an innate skill to understand and empathise, to know when to listen but also when to challenge well-established patterns of thinking or behaviour – and also to reflect back to the client, in an objective way, what they may be unconsciously projecting, in such a way as to guide, empower and encourage the client out of the cycle of behaviour they may unknowingly be locked into. This is a skill that is not so much learned, but is instead the product of her years of client counselling experience.”

– S


“Beata’s core drive in her life is not only professional… it is a personal passion: to help people and make their lives better.”

– L


“Beata believes from her heart that men who suffer any condition with their physical, mental or emotional health or wellbeing should experience no obstacles or barriers to their access to the highest standard of professional support and counseling.”

– J

All client’s names and full initials are reduced down to their first initial to ensure their confidentiality. Full initials and full names are only stated next to feedback at the client’s specific request.