Thaddeus Project

This project was created in honour of our Managing Director’s father.

This project is focused on supporting men (and those who identify as male) who are victims of or have suffered domestic violence/ abuse. This includes childhood abuse and violence.

Our organisation challenges societies expectations on men and supports them to be who they are and not who society expect them to be.

Men are and have always been the largest accounted for gender in suicide statistics. In 1970’s men accounted for ¾ of all suicides on England and Wales. 50 years later, men are still ¾ of all suicides in England and Wales.
Due to gender socialisation and how we as a community/ county/ country, and as individuals behave, men struggle to ask for and accept help. This leads them to more drastic measures of escape and a large factor to why men are the largest gender group for suicides.

– Males between the ages of 45-49 years old are the most at risk category and account for 25% of all suicides.
– Males between the ages of 10-24 years old have had a sharp increase during the pandemic.
– Suicide rates for men has risen to it’s highest point in two decades and only continues to grow.
– 61% of all male suicides were due to hanging, strangulation and suffocation. A method most significantly reflecting their shame and isolation, an inability to gain help from others.

(all statistics gathered from – Government Statistics)

When it comes to childhood trauma or abuse, we recognise that most people who suffer trauma in childhood continue to be plagued by it throughout their life. In fact 74% of our entire client base has suffered a form of trauma within their childhood that has impacted their ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and or many other mental health concerns.

These experiences are typically called ACE’s by professionals.
A = Adverse
C = Childhood
E = Experiences

ACE’s impact your ability to manage day to day stressors. Add a pandemic into the mix and you have a very challenging time ahead. You may feel alone right now, like no one cares or can help…

We are here for you.

The Pegasus Team will work to support you and other individuals in need of emotional and psychological support.

We are here for you.

You are not alone.

This is a professional and confidential service.

We will provide 6 FREE sessions to support you and there are options to continue on after on a donation per session basis.

If you would like to take up our offer, please email:

Please put – THADDEUS PROJECT – in the subject box and your request to use the service in the main body of the email.

OR call: 07817 261494 OR 01209 205785 and leave a message.

If you know of someone this project might help, please pass our information on.

We will get through this.


You are not alone.

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