Pegasus - Men's Wellbeing Centre

A Safe Haven for Men’s Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre is a safe and supportive space dedicated to helping men overcome life’s challenges, build resilience, and achieve emotional wellbeing. We’ve got this! Our team of professionally trained counsellors, psychotherapists, and coaches are committed to providing tailored and effective mental health services that empower men to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Are you ready to take control of your life and embrace the best version of yourself? Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre is here to help you rise above your struggles and soar to new heights. Our caring and experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized support that empowers you to overcome life’s challenges and achieve emotional wellbeing. It’s time to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and embrace your true potential. Let’s embark on this journey together. Your transformation starts now.

Our Mission

Support and encourage all men to achieve their full potential.

Here at Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre, we provide a safe space and access to professionally trained counsellors, who’ll encourage you to talk about the way you’re feeling. It’s all about helping you to deal with what’s in front of you and to move forward, building the skills and resilience to manage your life, no matter what it throws at you.

We’re here to help men thrive and we want to cut male suicides to zero. No matter what the problem is – large or small – we’ll use our years of knowledge and experience in men’s mental health to help you find the solutions you need.

Our Approach

We recognise that everyone is unique, and situations are different. Taking a caring, sensitive and understanding approach, we are dedicated to helping each and every client to live life to the full, feeling happier and healthier, inside and out.

Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre CIC offers specialised support for men suffering from a variety of issues such as:

“Simply talking to therapist from Pegasus helped me. My counsellor is a very nice chap, and I will recommend service to any person who needs support.”
- A
“Counselling did help me as I managed to build good relationship with my counsellor and enjoyed talking to her. Would happily recommend Pegasus to anyone who seeking a support and I will contact them if I feel like I need someone to talk to."
- G
“Counselling helped me build confidence, add tools to self-improve. All my anxieties had gone, and I am feeling 100% like a different person. Had a great relationship with my counsellor and whole service works great, can’t see any area that would need changing.”
- N
“At the beginning I was a broken man, first session was difficult, but with the time I managed to unload what was hidden inside. Not seeing each other F2F make it easier – it was like talking to someone “who you know but don’t know”. It was MY hour when I could talk about anything I wanted to.”
- M
“I had stuff on my mind I couldn’t talk about before I met my counsellor, she helped me to explained my feelings. Thanks to therapy I discovered stuff deep inside that I could not share before. It helped me to open my mind to new options and that is all thanks to counsellor. The counsellor was a brilliant and I would recommend Pegasus to anyone who needs help.”
- A
“Counselling helped me a lot. I was able to finally express to someone how I feel. I was feeling relaxed, it wasn’t awkward to talk. My counsellor is a very good listener. Would recommend Pegasus to anyone who needs support.”
- D
“During counselling I had chance to get right back to the beginning when problems started. Managed to bring lots of stuff that were buried away. I did not have to lie or pretend and could clear his mind. John hardly spoke, he just let me talk. I had a lot of counselling in the past but one with Pegasus was the most helpful.”
- C
“It was great to be able to speak at loud about depression and other problems. I never thought that counselling is for me but talking to the counsellor from Pegasus change my mind.”
- S
“It was nice to talk to the counsellor from Pegasus, they were fantastic (I have been dealing with other counselling services in a past and it was not a pleasant experience). Already recommended Pegasus as their service can change life.”
- R
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All client’s names and full initials are reduced down to their first initial to ensure their confidentiality. Full initials and full names are only stated next to feedback at the client’s specific request.

Training & Workshops

We offer comprehensive training and workshops on anger management to effectively manage and express anger.


Whilst our organisation is focused solely on men, we also have projects focused on supporting women.

We Can Help...

Find out more about our services, how we can help and then contact us to arrange a discreet and relaxed discussion about what your next steps are.

 Donations from you, our sponsors and partners help us to provide 6 FREE counselling sessions for everybody.